A Good Marriage is a Growing Marriage

We all know the depressing statistics of marriage – Roughly half the marriages world wide will end in divorce, and at least half of those couples that remain together describe themselves as not particularly happy or […]

Christmas, Goodwill and In-laws

Christmas is characteristically a season in which families get together. We travel to distant places to be with family, or excitedly prepare for family coming to visit us. It seems as though inside us there is […]

Co-dependence: The universal Addiction

Co-dependence is best defined as the human condition of lost selfhood, where our lived experience is one of focusing outside of ourselves for our identity because our true self has gone into hiding. In our co-dependent […]

Facebook – Blessing or Curse for our Marriages?

Greg and Susan have been married for eight years, following a two-year courtship.  Greg remembers his initial impression of Susan, noticing that she had all the qualities he liked in a woman.  She was […]

Is Depression a Sin?

What is depression?

Depression is a mood state that is characterised by some of the following symptoms: a melancholic mood; a prolonged diminished interest or pleasure experienced in activities in one’s daily life; a significant weight loss […]

Marriage: The Potter’s Workshop

Few people would need to be convinced of the key role that marriage plays in the general well being of our society. Through the knowledge emanating from contemporary developmental psychology, we are increasingly aware of the […]

The Conundrum that is Marriage

Marriage is a conundrum. We come towards it with so much hope and expectation, but conduct ourselves in it in a way that often makes our desires and yearnings impossible to realise.

It is as though we […]

My Knight has lost His Shine

Sally entered therapy, describing clear symptoms of depression – feelings of hopelessness, exhaustion and general unhappiness.  She also alluded to an increased irritability with her family, feelings that triggered emotions of guilt and shame for her.  […]

The Origins of our Woundedness

We are born our true selves, the unique, precious person we are meant to be. As infants and young children we do not know this. We need others, specifically our parents, to reflect to us our […]

The Wounded Child Within

Even though we might not be consciously aware of it, we are all wounded.  Figuratively speaking, we carry a wounded child within us in the form of an emotional memory of how we experienced life in […]