Men’s Group

This group developed out of a desire of those who have had the experience of Group Therapy, and now wanted a space or an environment that would facilitate a continuation and reinforcement of the relational skills that developed as a result of therapy. It emerged out of an acknowledgement that it is difficult to maintain a relationship with self that is centred and in touch with our inner being without the support of others who share the same goal.

This group could best be described as a support group – men getting together to support, care and challenge one another to maintain a way of life that is growth-filled.

The details of the group are as follows:

Meetings: Fortnightly, on a Saturday afternoon (2 – 4pm)
(There is flexibility with time, depending on other commitments, and consensual arrangements are made to change the time/day at times).
Where: Venue rotates between different group members’ houses.
Cost: Free
Requirements for joining: That you have been in therapy for at least 2 years

Growth Group for Counsellors and Psychologists

A weekly growth group for mental health care professionals – counsellors, coaches and therapists – who value self-development and personal growth and healing. Within the safe, yet challenging environment of the group, the dynamics and relationships with other group members facilitates a process of us coming more into relationship with ourselves.

Through here-and-now encounters, we become more conscious and mindful of our inner world movements in response to another. Our awareness of relational patterns and blind spots in our capacity to relate in a mature adult manner – beyond co-dependency – is increased. Enhanced emotional awareness, clearer communication of needs, feelings and boundaries as they manifest in response to others, allows us the opportunity to expand our relational behaviours, take greater personal responsibility, and speak our personal truth.

The group provides the space to increase our tolerance of uncertainty and ambivalence, learning to sit with the discomfort that may arise in the face of misunderstandings and personal differences, and turning towards seeking understanding and clarity to build healthy, authentic relationships with others.

The details of the group are as follows:

Composition of Group: 8-10 people
Meeting time: Fridays, 9.00 – 10.30
Duration: Ongoing open group
Cost: Free
Place: 4 De Rust Avenue, Bergvliet