Men’s Group

This group developed out of a desire of those who have had the experience of Group Therapy, and now wanted a space or an environment that would facilitate a continuation and reinforcement of the relational skills that developed as a result of therapy. It emerged out of an acknowledgement that it is difficult to maintain a relationship with self that is centred and in touch with our inner being without the support of others who share the same goal.

This group could best be described as a support group – men getting together to support, care and challenge one another to maintain a way of life that is growth-filled.

The details of the group are as follows:

Meetings: Fortnightly, on a Saturday afternoon (2 – 4pm)
(There is flexibility with time, depending on other commitments, and consensual arrangements are made to change the time/day at times).
Where: Venue rotates between different group members’ houses.
Cost: Free
Requirements for joining: That you have been in therapy for at least 2 years